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On the Treadmill


•    Cardio exercise elevate the metabolic rate            and oxygen consumption which keeps  the            cardio-vascular system stronger

•    Reduces fat

•    Temporary relief from depression and anxiety

•    Reduced risk of heart disease

•    Increased Bone density



•    Improve glucose tolerance and insulin                  sensitivity

•    Helps you lose weight

•    Lower your risk for heart disease

•    Strength training can improve your quality of          life as you get older

•    Weight training helps reducing the blood              sugar level.

Heavy Weights
Working Out


•    May improve physical strength. The high-intensity,          multi-joint movements in Crossfit may help you

      gain muscle strength and stamina

•    May help you improve aerobic fitness

•    Improve agility, balance, and flexibility

•    Burn calories and manage weight.

•    It gives a soothing effect to your body and mind, thereby reducing stress levels and tension


•    This regulates and stimulates the flow of blood and boosts your metabolism. Thus, it also aids in steam bath weight loss

•    Post having this bath skin looks significantly radiant and healthier

•    Gives youthful look and helps in making your skin glow

•    It also provides your muscle the best form of relief especially near the joints

•    The sweat generated also helps to remove toxins and cleanses the body.


Bike Handles


•    Increased cardiovascular fitness

•    Increased muscle strength and flexibility

•    Improved joint mobility

•    Decreased stress levels

•    Improved posture and coordination

•    Strengthened bones

•    Decreased body fat levels

•    Prevention or management of disease

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